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  • A tag line, slogan, or brand mantra is the phrase that captures the essence of your brand. It sums up your mission, message, and core values in one little catchy phrase.
    Step 1: Keep it short and sweet.
    Step 2: Emphasize the right thing.
    Step 3: Make it unique and memorable.
    step 4: test it and use it.
  • Tips for Creating an Effective Mission Statement
    Do keep it short and concise. Sum up the company's mission in just a few sentences.
    Don't write an essay.
    Do think long-term.
    Don't make it too limiting.
    Don't be afraid to change it.
    Sample: "I teach business owners, educators and entrepreneurs the profitable action steps for building a highly engaged email list, creating online training courses, and using online marketing strategies to sell with ease."
  • How to Write a Value Proposition
    Identify all the benefits your product offers.
    Describe what makes these benefits valuable.
    Identify your customer's main problem.
    Connect this value to your buyer's problem.
    Differentiate yourself as the preferred provider of this value.
    Uber – The Smartest Way to Get Around.
    Apple iPhone – The Experience IS the Product.
    Unbounce – A/B Testing Without Tech Headaches.
    Slack – Be More Productive at Work with Less Effort.
    Digit – Save Money Without Thinking About It.
    LessAccounting – Bookkeeping, Without the Hassle.
  • A 30-second organizational description to educate the layman
    How to write an elevator pitch
    Start by introducing yourself.
    Provide a summary of what you do.
    Explain what you want.
    Finish with a call to action.
    Take your time.
    Make it conversational.
    Avoid niche words and phrases.
    Express confidence.
  • Use for longer description about the organization is called for
    Here are the seven steps to writing an effective and captivating boilerplate:
    Determine the Goal of Your Boilerplate.
    Write a Description of Your Business.
    Add Relevant Business Details.
    Include Your Mission Statement.
    Use Keywords.
    Add a Call-to-Action.
    Refine Your Boilerplate.
    Sample: --WeWork is the platform for creators, providing hundreds of thousands of members around the world with space, community, and services that enable them to do what they love and create their life's work. Our mission is to create a world where people work to make a life, not just a living, and our own team members are central to that goal.
  • Each statement should define a segment of the customer for example: • Coloradans who currently buy insurance on their own • Coloradans who are uninsured • Coloradans who are self-employed • Coloradans who don’t have access to affordable coverage through their employer • Coloradans with legal immigration status
  • For example: Each year enrollments continue to increase and the uninsured rate decreases.

    • In 2013, the year prior to Connect for Health Colorado opening for business, the uninsured rate was 14.3%. By 2017, that figure dropped to 6.5%. We expect that number to continue to decrease as we target the eligible but not enrolled.2

    • In 2016, $318 million was returned to Coloradans in the form of federal tax credits.

    • In 2017, 61% of our customers are receiving financial assistance

  • For Example: • A replacement for brokers

    • Engaged with negotiating rates between health insurance companies and providers

    • Part of Health First Colorado (Colorado’s Medicaid Program)

    • Offering Medicare or supplemental health plans

    • A new government health care system

    • A state agency or regulatory body

    • A health insurance company

    • An organization that receives funding from the Colorado General Fund